“…During our cooperative work I found the professional. I want to express my satisfaction from Boris Molochny’s work and his professionalism, agility, discretion, and determination to achieve goals honestly, due to provision of relevant knowledge and technical materials…”

(Lt.Col G. K. – SIGINT Branch Director, IMOD)

“…To whom it may concern I recommend Boris as a qualitative employee, who brings fine outcomes from his performance. During last two years I was his superior and I enjoyed working with him. In my previous position I was a Plant Manager at ELTA/IAI and I managed a hundreds of employees at different levels, Boris is recommended as the excellent one…”

(Assa Nissim - VP, Militram and ex Plant Manager, ELTA/IAI)

“…I recommend Boris as an engineer and salesman...Boris Molochny is a professional salesman, master of system view and comprehension the forces acting within the client organization…”

(Ram Lachower - CEO, Militram)

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